[Sleeper] Sarah "Suri" Ellis

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[Sleeper] Sarah "Suri" Ellis

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Name: Sarah Ellis
Nicknames: Suri
Birthday: December 27, 1988
Pronouns/Gender: she/her

Physical Description: Suri could be the poster child for straight laced: her clothes are professional, muted, sensible. Her hair is a pale white-blonde, cut to a straight bob, sensible. Her eyes are a light brown, alert, and quick to narrow if she's curious, suspicious, or annoyed. The trick is to watch her nose, which pinches in with her thin-lipped pout only when she's truly agitated--or in a rare moment, amused. Short, fit, and slightly stocky, Suri carries herself with the stiff posture of someone who still feels the weight of a uniform on their shoulders, or someone who knows they can't afford to let their guard down.
Occupation: Ex Air Force, 3 tours (Aviano Air Base, Italy), Current Case Manager at DHS
Personality: Suri values competence, a good work ethic, and professionalism, and she rarely settles for less than perfection. She's always believed that with enough determination and elbow grease, no goal was unobtainable--and likewise, those who did not meet their dreams simply were not trying hard enough to succeed. Goal-oriented and driven, Suri is at her best when she's working towards an achievement and can be relentless in her pursuit. Left without a task to accomplish, she is quick to grow restless, listless, and annoyed, which has a tendency to turn to outright cruelty when unchecked. Likewise, when she is not in control of her own fate or if someone challenges her established worldview she is not above jeers and malicious compliance for the sake of 'justice'.

When something catches Suri's interest, it takes all of her attention--whether she wants it to or not. Her life can be catalogued by a small but intense collection of hobbies that she keeps close to her chest, not easily shared with acquaintances or colleagues. This is, in part, because once she starts to share she does not easily stop, and has stressed many a relationship by her insistence on discussing each of the 88 constellations without end or a dissection of the combat footage in Top Gun. It's easier to keep at arm's length with everyone, she's decided, and her estimation is that most people are only interested in those frivolous, surface relationships. She doesn't care much for empty sentimentality and thinks herself immune to flattery or praise, when in truth she's terribly susceptible to both when it comes from someone she respects.

What Suri wants more than anything is control and authority, and for other figures of authority to acknowledge her expertise. Her sense of worth is tied to rigid structures of power and success and people's compliance to them--without those in place, how is she meant to judge who is worth her time? Those who step outside their preordained expectations fluster and frustrate Suri--those who flaunt or revel in it infuriate her.

Backstory: Suri is the only child of a multi-generational rancher and an affluent real estate agent, and grew up outside of Dallas, TX. Fostering a love for space and engineering that she inherited from her father, she resolved at an early age to join the space program, and no expense was spared to assist in her dreams--space camps, special tutoring, more extra-curriculars than hours in the day. After she graduated high school, she accepted admission to the Air Force Academy in Colorado, and enlisted with a degree in aerospace engineer as an officer. She did three tours abroad before she retired, including a deployment to Aviano Air Base in Northern Italy.

When she returned stateside, she used GI benefits to settle in to Almagest as a PhD student in aerospace engineering. However, when she refused to accept lower authorship on a paper she helped design and write, she was pushed out of her program for not being a 'team player', and ultimately had to leave Almagest with a master's degree and her tail between her legs. Still, plenty of astronauts did not have PhDs--and she continued to brush up her resume by taking a position at Homeland Security, to work more of the 'national servant' angle of her story. (It also helped that a friend of the family would write her a recommendation.)

In the last year, Suri has been transferred (perhaps due to office politics) down to ASTAR, a budding subsection focused on investigating a specific unexplained phenomenon.
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